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Hi folks, my name is Hank Farnsworth welcome to my web site, Septic Tanks, your one-and-only stop for everything you've ever wanted to know about septic tanks. Growing up in a rural area, it was imperative that our family had a properly working septic tank. Now I understand that the topic of a septic tank may not be the most appealing, but if you need to have one at your home, then this is the site for you. I'll do my best to write informative articles and and keep the site current with the most up-to-date information possible on the subject. Thanks for stopping by and please leave a comment.

Be Smart about Septic Tank Installation

Septic tank installation if no small project. Making sure that your septic tank installation goes well starts even before the service starts. Figure out everything that needs to be done to insure that your home gets the system that is best suited for it.

Having a good septic tank installation all starts with the quality research that is used to figure out everything that needs to be done. Usually, septic tank installation is done during the time of the construction of the house, but sometimes septic tank has to be done on an existing home. Each scenario has an effect on how prepared the home owner is to get the installation done. Those having a new house built are usually more meticulous about the services they receive while those who need septic tank installation for an existing home tend to leave the major details of the project up to the company that is doing the installation.

Wherever you live be sure to check with local building codes as they could apply when putting in a septic tank. It is not recommended that you leave everything up to the construction company that is working on your site. Being a knowledgeable customer gives you the power to choose the best possible construction services for your septic tank installation. You do not want to end up with sewage problems on your site or pay too much for services. An improperly installed septic tank racks up high repair bills.

There are many details that have to be considered for septic tank installation. You need to figure out how often you are willing to perform maintenance for the system, as this will predict how many gallons your septic tank should be able to hold. Another factor that predicts this is how often the system is to be used and by how many people. Septic system maintenance calls for pumping the tank. While some homeowners choose to just put additives in their system, it is a good idea to be familiar with the septic tank cleaning services that are available in your area.

Your local building codes will dictate how many feet deep the hole for the septic tank needs to be, as well as how the sewage line connects to the local municipality. They want to ensure that there is no absorption of sewage into the soil. Making a repair will be your responsibility. Therefore, always do your research before getting septic tank installation.

Septic Tank Cleaning Done Right

Every home that depends on a septic tank to handle its outgoing sewage eventually has to be the site of septic tank cleaning. This is a normal part of septic tank maintenance. While some tanks only need to be cleaned every few years, some have to be cleaned every couple of months. To avoid the need of repair, make sure the service is done right.

It is the rare homeowner that has a set schedule posted somewhere in their home for septic tank cleaning, but it really is an important aspect of home maintenance and without it the diagnosis for the future of the system could be dreary indeed. Of course, care for septic tanks all begin with the toilet and sink that connects to it. Home owners must not only be dedicated to keeping a maintenance schedule for their system, but they must also be vigilant against protecting their septic tanks from any hazards they may find.

Many people rely on professional service to do the septic tank cleaning for them and this is a great idea. However, septic tank cleaning services can be very expensive and some just prefer to do the treatment themselves. While they might not have the equipment to pump the septic tanks, they can use additives. These additives eat up the sludge and scum that is present in the tank. However, some experts advise against this because some of the treatments used for septic tank cleaning are too powerful. Treatments that are too powerful can actually cause problems instead of preventing them and cause the septic tank to have to be pumped anyway.

You might be able to find a good book about septic tank cleaning that can guide you in what additive treatment is the best and how to tell which is the one you need. A good septic tank cleaning treatment is not hard to find. Just be sure to avoid the commercial quality treatments. They are too strong for home use.

Septic tank cleaning does not have to be a big chore. It is a good idea to get a professional to do it for you or at least inspect the tank every couple of years. If hiring a professional is too costly, using additives for septic tank cleaning for some of the years is a good way to keep up with your maintenance schedule. Get your septic tank cleaning done right!